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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Fundamentalist Invasion

Those damn Pro-lifers fundamentalists.
I have maintained for years, whether you are a Christian, Jew, whatever, that the Religious Right (MOST of whom, alas, call themselves Christians) are the most dangerous political group out there and they have made severe inroads into our government on ALL levels.
Do you still not believe me?  Look at these blasted anti-abortion laws.  Look at how these so-called "men" have done to women's rights.  I tell you what: when every single one of those pro-lifers has adopted a crack, disabled, bi-racial baby and not one child needs a home, maybe then I'll be impressed that your so-called "faith" is genuine.
This nonsense will trickle to affect men as well.
Women's rights and suffrage in Ohio has just gone back a century.
What's next, women are property?
I know the Spousal Unit has disagreed with me when I have said this, but damn, I'm right and this latest Ohio bill debacle proves it.
These (mostly) white males sure as heck have given true Christians and Good People of Faith a really bad taste in the mouth.
And ya'all wonder why I don't go to church.
I think Jesus would be/is severely pissed off.

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