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Saturday, June 29, 2013

First Bike Event For A Cause

Well, now that's done!!  First Ride For a Cause done!
Thanks to Megan for my beautiful artwork. I got so many comments and compliments!
I have to thank everyone who generous donated monies to my ride and those people who sent me prayers and energies.  I felt Mom, Aunt Nan and Gammie kicking me in the butt.  On angel's wings.  (More like an angel's foot, LOL)!
I was worried about getting lost in one part that I was very unfamiliar with but instead, I went past the Finish line.  (I have a weird tendency to do this....I don't know why!)
The course was VERY well marked, even for Directionally Challenged people like me. If you have some legs for little (or big) hills, I'd recommend this ride if you want to ride for a cause (in this case, diabetes).  It's very well run, lots of volunteers etc.  There were a LOT of Red Riders (folks with diabetes) riding.
The first 2 miles was interesting.  Careening down streets with 200 of your closest friends.  Having to make a sharp left hand turn and immediately go up a small hill with about 150 of them makes for very hairy moments.
Met two really nice ladies, Damita (I believe is how she spelled it) who did her longest distance EVER and Gretchen, both younger than me.
I'm really grateful to my Spousal Unit for having taken me on most of the course over the last year.  Just riding it with him has been invaluable. I know the B&H parts pretty well and could advise people as to what to expect in places.
I almost bought gravel coming off the uphill behind Stow High School; there is a pretty sharp turn and I wasn't as well prepared for it as I might have been.
I also have to thank The SU for giving me Sheree (Scheherazade) The Bike and for the nice folks at Falls Wheel and Wrench (the whole gang) who maintain all of our bikes and put up with my endless, often stupid questions.
I have to say going up that hill in Silver Lake before you get to Graham Rd. (about mile 20) was a total B*TCH!  I thought I was going to pass out!
I'm home safe and very proud of myself actually.
Distance: 26.39 miles.  Time: 2:21:40.  Average speed 11.1 MPH.

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