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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ohio Republicans: Stay Out Of My Girl-Parts

Read this first, if you wish. It's why I'm on my High Hog and squealing: Abortion Restrictions in Ohio.

I don't care if you're OK with abortion or against.  This is an extremely dangerous precedent.

And of course you Ohio Republicans are flinging that out there to deflect from the budget, unemployment, marriage equality, etc.

 Here's the deal.

I love men. I really do.  I think men rock.  You all have fought war for millennium, you lift heavy things, you open stubborn jars, you understand plumbing, you change tires, you hold our hands, you protect us (even though we don't always need it), you have died on bloody fields etc. etc. etc..

But until one of you gives birth vaginally AND there is not ONE single baby without a loving home (esp. bi-racial or handicapped or crack kids), you keep your bloody mitts out of my vagina!  Stop screwing with my reproductive rights since so many of you just seem to be concerned with getting some, and not covering yourselves. Literally.

You've managed to outlaw sex ed.  Nice going.  Really smart, teaching abstinence.  That's worked well, hasn't it?  Project Head Start?  Yeah, we don't need that. YOU don't need it, you narrow-minded turkeys: YOUR kids can afford to eat, go to school and have clothes.

Folks, (esp. ladies) if you don't stomp on these people, the damned right wing, uber-conservatives are going to strip everything away.

What's next: a ban on mini-skirts, showing your belly, requiring the wearing of a burka???  How Iranian of you.

Ohio House Republicans (no doubt funded and fueled by the Religious Right and giving a real bad name to Christians and Conservatives everywhere) you need to seriously get your hands, you laws and your stupid politics away from my girlie parts.

I notice it is a "RON Hood" introducing this.  I'm sure Ron is not short for Rhonda.

This menopausal hag is going to give you a serious ass-kicking and send you back to your 'hood, you cretinous, political hoodlum!  Ladies and like minded men, we really need to get on the ball with this.

Men, if you think for one second this does not affect you because you don't have a vagina, you're crazy.  Your mother, your wife, your sister, your DAUGHTER sure as hell does.

When the political force starts stripping away individual rights (especially body rights), keeps people stupid and scared, controls most of the media, silences the intelligentsia and encroaches into the bedroom it is the beginning of totalitarianism.  That's how the Nazis got 1930s Germany under their control.  Do we really need a history lesson again?

For this crap, men (and women) have given their lives in combat for decades?


Road trip, anyone???

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