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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Second Chemo Done!!

Music therapy was interesting while getting the second dose of dragon's blood.....the therapist recorded it!  FAR OUT! Silly stuff....If anyone want to hear 12 minutes of silliness, let me know.  PM me. The therapist's name was Samuel; he had a big old pony tail!  He had a really cool set-up with a MacBook, iPad, guitar, headphones, mics etc. All on a little trolley!  Brilliant idea!

The nutritionist hopped by and gave me a book of recipes: Eating Well.  That was nice.  the part of the book that cracked me up with "High Calorie-High Protein."  How about LOW calorie, HIGH Protein.

I'm still hoping for Art Therapy and Pet Therapy. Next time?

Wasn't prepared for yesterday "happy accident."  It's been a long time since I've needed to buy "feminine hygiene" stuff.  (OH, did I gross out the guys?  Did I?  Yippee!)  I peed my pants yesterday and today.  FK!  So upsetting.  I have a bladder infection so yet another addition to the drug collection.

Came home and drank some green dragon fuel (smoothie with kale, spinach and fruits....)! I do a smoothie every day.  Now if I could stop eating like a lumberjack at night.  Sigh....

Two down, four to go.  No radiation, thank you very much!  Dragon's blood is ok, dragon fire, nah-uh!

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