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Monday, September 1, 2014

Fuzz Butt, Fat Butt

The preemptive hair cut.....a few weeks ago.
I couldn't imagine being in a better place (Hungarian Festival) or with better friends (Bini and Rob) to discover that yes, my hair was starting to come out today! Ironically, it was the gray hairs that were coming like gang busters! It was kind of nuts!!!!
Hair before the cut....

It starting falling out today (the hair) so The Spousal Unit shaved it off. I knew those dog clippers would coming in handy, LOL! I know the SU did want to shave it but when your public hairs start falling out, it's MORE than time!  I can only imagine how frustrating and frightening it must be for him. 

My friend Kim shaved the nape of her name for me and her friend Linda who has breast cancer. Kind of overwhelming to have a friend will to do that for me.Christy Duran Warthling was right; I'll kind of rock this new "do." Now if I could just drop 40 pounds.....LMAO! I feel like Tubby the Tuba was a fuzz bucket head. Henna cap, here I come!

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