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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The MM Collection: Some of the Orphan Songs

Still going through sheet music....Interesting, frustrating, fascinating, wondrous.

  The oldest one so far is 1909 or maybe 1904.  The newest one, I think, is Those Were The Days by Mary Hopkin.  

I can't understand why these songs never made it into the popular song lexicon of the 40s and 50s.  I can't understand why I can't find recordings of these big hits!

*Yippee, Ki-ay, Buy A Bond Today (Really? it's a song about war bonds...can't find a recording of it!)

*I See Through You, 1945 (Darn those x-ray glasses)

*Oh My Lord (Well, at least not this 1944 version by Allen Ward)

*There's A Smile In Your Eyes (Well, for once he's not looking south....)

*Too Little, Too Late (no, it's about 30+ years before the one I know just floated in your brain..)

*Talking In My Sleep 1945 (Again???  Man, what did I say NOW?)

*Blue Clouds

*Hecky Darn!  (Aw, come on, really?  No recordings of this one?  Maybe if they changed the title to "Hell Damn" somebody might record it! It is billed as a "Novelty for 2 Men and A Girl."  There are so many ways that could go so wrong....)

*I Can See It Your Way 1945 (finally!)


*I Wish We Didn't Have To Say Good-Night from a movie with Carmen Miranda called Something For The Boys.

*Wings To Wear Upon My Heart

*A New Ten-Gallon Hat (nobody wanted it?)

*Hoboken Hannah (Can't find her or any recording it....)

*Lonely Nights (And, no, no, no it's NOT the "Where would I be without my woman?" one.)

*Two Shadows In The Sunset.  It looks sweet....

*You're Gonna Hate Yourself In The Mornin'  (Many-a-time many folks has thought this...or received this friendly warning.)

*Somewhere There's a Rainbow (Obviously, not in the musical recording area....)

But today real startler was what was sure to be a sure-fire hits for someone in that era.  If Dean Martin can sing Hominy Grits (true) and another big singer of the time can warble out a tune called Salt Pork West Virginia, Why hasn't this one made the Big time?  How has this one missed in a era of Come-on-a My House and The Teddy Bears Picnic?


Say What???  Whositfuckin'him?

No, "Whatever happened to Mucklefutzenheim?"  That's the name of the song. Swear to God. Words and music by Jean Herbert...

And the research continues.  So far, I've found 512 songs corresponding to the sheet music.  Some of the songs are lovely.  I am gaining a grudging respect for Perry Como's library of songs he performed and the Three Suns annoy me at times.

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