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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coincidence In Marietta

I think this picture tells a story. 

But the true story is so incredible I couldn't make this up if I tried.... 

This past weekend I did a murder mystery in Marietta, Ohio. Upon arriving in this river town Friday, I walked along the shore. I viewed an amazing "god-sky" sunset, thinking about an old friend who had passed on early that morning. Her name was Susan Carr Berilla. I thought how lovely and fitting that the rays piercing through the clouds made the water iridescent, transcendent.  I felt close to Susan's spirit.  I could almost hear her laughter on the breeze. I know she was a person of deep faith but with her brilliant sense of whimsy she would appreciate the somewhat ironic beauty of this peaceful scene.  

I shed a few tears for an old, remembered friend. 

I heard soft guitar notes on the breeze and followed them. I chanced upon this young man, a budding songwriter home from Washington State. 

He played one of his songs for me.  I told him I was a professional singer, gave him words of encouragement.  I asked him, when he was famous to remember a singer named Mia Hess.
I asked him his name. 

His name was Dalton.

Dalton Carr.

No relation. 

No accident. 

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