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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Australian Poppleschnotz Breed Standard

Approved June 6, 1962 by the Australian Poppleschnotz Club of America
Approved by International Poppleschnotz Breeders' & Fanciers' Associatiton
Adapted June 6, 1965, Stutgardt, Germany

  The overall appearance of an APS should be a friendly, short-legged, cobby, sturdy dog with a beguiling almost comical expresson. The gait should be ambling.  Lankiness, weediness, gracefulness, lack-luster expression, severe temperament with people, and disinterest in treats (especially at parties) are considered to be major, disqualifying faults.

BODY TYPE AND COATThe APS should be at least 2 to 2 1/2 times longer in the body from wither to croup then the length of its legs from elbow to ground.  The chest should be deep. Ribs are well sprung and should be slightly larger than a span of a large man's hands. The neck is short and thick, as is the tail which, at rest, is carried down.  In movement the APS' tail should be carried over the back in a curve.  "Gay" tails are the breed norm

The feet should be fairly tight and one of the distinctive feature of the APS is the slightly pigeon-toed line of the front feet..  Back legs should be straight and square.  This give the APS his unique gait.

COAT is silky, soft, somewhat wavy and should measure between 1/2 to 3" in length.  A neck "ruff" is most desired as is the breeching on the hind legs.  These are called by The Fancy, Poppy Pants.  The tail should be substanial, bushy and fully haired.  Ears and muzzle are smooth.  The feet should be well-furred.

accepted colors are white with blue ticking, white with black ticking, white with red ticking.  Ear color should be solid and the same color as the ticking.  Facial patches are accepted but not desriable.  Eyes are large, round and dark.
DisqualificationsExcessive leg length, a square appearance, straight front legs and feet, hare feet, thin tail, any solid color, large solid colored body spots, lack of breeching on the hindquarters, lack of neck ruff, rough or wirey coat.

This photo shows a perfect example of the Poppy Pants and BUSHY fox-like tail.shy, fox-like tail.

A fine example of the desired foot type, foot angulation  and line of legs.  Note the depth of chest and breastbone.


The head is one of the most distinctive features of the APS and bears an in-depth look.  The skull is well-formed, with a good backskull.  From the front the head, the skull should appear round to slightly square.  The stop is somewhat pronounced; the eyes large, dark and well rounded, but not protruding.  The ideal measurement of the skull is: tip of nose to eye set equals eye set to base of ears from the side.
Nose should be black as well as lips.
The ears are triangular in shape, wide and set apart on the skull.  One ear must be fully upright, the other 
MUST curve downwards at the tip.
The Ear Set is of 
primary importance and any deviation from the standard is a Disqualification.  

Other Disqualifications are: a snipey, narrow head, both ears up, both ears down.

The APS gait at the walk or trot should be a waddling, ambling, easy pace. In faster gaiting, the APs should have a hopping, somewhat rough gait, as though the hindquarters are trying to catch up with the forequarters. In movement, the tail should be carried above the topline.

Disqualifications: a smooth easy, effortless gait at the run, tail carried low.
The ideal APS temperament should be easy-going, friendly and amiable.  The APS should enjoying traveling, and cuddling. The APs can be bossy with other dogs, but should get over this initial grumpiness quickly. The usually lethargic APS is surprisingly adept in the pursuit and slaughter of many types of insects.  Despite being stung repeatedly in its oral cavity, the tenacious APS will fight a bee to the death.  The APS always requires a reassuring pat on the head prior to eating.  This is widely considered a charming hold-over from behavior required of the well-mannered temple dogs of 
Ancient Egypt. However, care should be taken to not
 overfeed your APS, tempting though it may be!  Another hold-over from the temple days is these dogs' reverance for cats.  The APS holds the cat in such high regard that many an APS has stoically endured, without complaint, repeated blows to the head from an angry cat.Disqualifications: A harsh, rough, or dominant temperament towards people and other animals.
Picky eating habits and dislike of malted beverages.


©Mia Knerly-Hess

(It's not a real breed....)

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