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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Elke & Artie: A short conversation

Elke: SHE (Mom) took HIM (Artie) out somewhere on his harness and SHE left ME home yesterday!!!!!!  SHE says I pull too much for her right now with her knee.  I do NOT pull.  I am ENCOURAGING her to go FASTER and in the correct direction I want to go to SMELL THINGS.  She keeps almost falling over me. Really?  Parents are so stupid. 

Artie: Yes, but Mom said I was good. I did not pull on my harness very much at all. I even got a cookie at the bank-place. I saw another dog and I got excited but Mom said let's go and watch me and stuff like that so she wasn't too scared to fall.

Elke: You suck and you are way slower than I am at emptying the Morning Kong Wobbler of food.  I finish mine MUCH faster than you do. YOU are supposed to be this great cattledog thing and you take so long to get the food out.  Face it, I am smarter than you.

Artie: No, you just have a bigger nose, bahahahah!

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