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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OK, today's rant is:

OK, so, you got a Kindle or a Nook, an iPad, Smart Phone, laptop (whatever) for Christmas/
Yule/ Hanukkah....

PLEASE, I beg of you, spare your techno-savvy relatives, co-workers, the library people --- AND LEARN HOW TO WORK THE DAMN THING.

Unless you are going to pay them in some manner, way, shape or are being lazy. If the nice library guy/gal says there is a tutorial online or written, please read it and just try before you bug the hell out of them. Read the damn destructions! A lot of libraries have FREE classes! The basics are NOT hard.

(I might buy the computer thing but a Kindle?? Come turn the friggin' thing on.)

It's pretty self-explanatory. And I'l bet there are video tutorials for library lending. Nook and Kindle have good tutorials for using the devices online or ON the actual device.

Look, I'm basically an over-55 idiot and i'm lucky enough to have my own live-in, sleep-in geek. And I can work the damn things! I really hate asking my geek for stupid stuff. You should feel bad too. Ask technical or complicated questions, yes, but simple stuff? Like how to turn it on or how to read a book? Please. Get a grip.

Especially if we have explained this to you over and over....
and over...AGAIN!

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  1. Technology is now massively more accesable than ever to the public. I totally agree with what you said, Mia. But along with that, technology terms should also become more common knowlege to the public as well. So let's start with a basic term all geeks know and share with each other: RTFM. RTFM is a great place for everyone to start. Opinions?