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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Yule and have a fabulous New Year!

Here's the short version of what's up! We're both on Facebook so do friend us if you haven't already!

Marty rode 1100 miles this year on his bike.... with his 2 knee replacements! He did his first Century (100 miles) ride in Findlay, Ohio too. He plans on doing his first Fundo next year! Amazing! He rode Pedal to the Point's 2 day event in torrential rain and the Harmonie Hundred too. He's been doing contract work in IT, which he seems to like as it's not long term! Get your pickle orders in early, folks, for 2012!

On the entertainment front: Marty ran lights for 3 shows at Western Reserve Theater and I got to play 2 characters (finally I got to do my Lena La Mont impression) at WRT in "Be My Baby." I was the straight man for some LEAP puppet shows and have been doing a fair amount of singing with pianist Leo, specializing in 40s and 50s standards. I hope to be doing a ton more of that in 2012!

I fell and really hurt my hand in April (tons of PT) but finally was able to ride my bike in my first baby Tour in early September (33.5 miles) and walk a half marathon and 10 mile race in November. Hoping for a lot more events in 2012!

I visited with my niece Alexandra in Chicago in November and I did not embarrass myself by falling off any bar stools! We are so happy that my other niece Dani and her husband Bryan and great nephew, Bryan aka The Chop are now local to us all! So we get to see them a lot! We have our 2 grandkids in PA, Mason (1 year old) and Aidan (4 in January). We're hoping to se a lot more of them in 2012.

Megan will be completing her LPN schooling in April, 2012 -- So very proud of what she's doing and how she's turning her life into something splendid and useful. She has been acing her classes and rocking her clinicals....patients love her! She will be VERY good at this nursing thing! Adopted "daughter", Jamie, completed her Masters in Geology from U. of Michigan and just snagged her first teaching job!! Sweet!

Two of our dogs passed this year: our darling boy Winger, age almost 12 in Feb. and dear Jesse Ann, our pack leader for 10 years in August. We still have our cute Schoomby-do, Elke Louise! who is smart as a whip!! She picks up almost any object now and is learning to enjoy walking with her Pibble Dog Friends on weekend hikes through the woods.

Our cat Rufus, is less than amused with his cat cousins (Dink and Envy) being here but we're working on that. He is a most demanding critter, very vocal!

I have been doing a ton of volunteering for our local Humane Society of Greater Akron (which is how we got Rufus last year) doing a lot of tours, educational programs, dog bite prevention programs and Breed Advocacy. I recently testified to the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of HB14, a bill that will help all dogs, no matter what their breed or type, to get a fair shake. Remember: Breed Specific Legislation Hurts Everyone! Pretty terrifying, to say the least! I have my script if anyone wants to see it!

Another benefit is all the friends we've made as a result of my volunteer work. We had a much need "Vay-cay" (vacation) up in NY state and I think it's the first vacation EVER that we've taken that wasn't tied in with family stuff or an event. Thanks to Gayle, Ray and Oreo for that one! We needed it and we need to do it more often! So relaxing!

Who would have thought that in December a purebred Australian Cattledog puppy would come into our shelter, but he did and now he's ours! He is my seventh one (including fosters), Presenting....
He became officially ours yesterday, the 22nd. Marty named him the fist time he saw him. We love the TV show Warehouse 13! and Artie (Arthur) is a character on the show. Many thanks to Humane Officer Shannon who rescued him and Dog Trainer Extraordinary Jen for fostering him and enabling he and Elke to meet and like each other!
They play and cuddle and have spats but all in all it's great.

I think she really missed Winger and especially Jesse who was a great leader dog! We are all learning by leaps and bounds but a puppy is a ton of work, especially one that requires positive reinforcement.

He is 4 months you can see I've been a little busy these last few weeks! Ironically, if you do the math, he was probably born right around the time that Jesse went to the Rainbow Bridge.....Coincidence? Or was he sent from the Doggie Angels who are waiting for us? Hmmm...makes you wonder....

Love to you all and we hope your New Year is Happy, Healthy, Peaceful and Abundant!!

From the Hess Household aka The Nut House
Marty and Mia Hess
Elke, Rufus and Artie
Step-cats Dink and Envy

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