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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Things You Hear

From the "I Just LOVE People...Not" files, #362.
Guy to me: "So, like, what EXACTLY happens when an animal gets anti-freeze poisoning? How long does it take?"
This is the same guy whose remedy for the neighbor's barking dog was to shoot it with a cross bow. Also the same guy who wanted to know what happens when a dog eats chocolate and how do they die, actually?
Me: (after the chocolate query), "Man, you are seriously into poisons. You must be a chemist!"
Please, tell me this guy was KIDDING??
From the "Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of My Hat" department and the
"I sure as hell am glad I've watched all those dog shows and read all those breed articles, magazines and books and have talked to people at dog shows" department.
Guy with wife and small kid, private conversation:
"What can you tell me about Neapolitan Mastiffs?" (Wow, that came from left field....)
Bottom line: talk face to face with reputable breeders and rescuers and get the skinny on the big dog! Oh, and buy hand towels in bulk!
I can't believe I pulled those factoids out of the hard drive of my ass because most of the time I can barely remember who I am! LOL!
And finally.....And from the "Good Answer!" department:
"I have 2 kids, ages blah-blah and a min-pin-German Shepherd-Rott-Doberman mix and she's about so tall. I was thinking about maybe getting another dog, a rescue, maybe a Doberman or a Shepherd, like adopting one. I want to come see the dogs at the HSGA. What do you think? What kind of dog should I get?"
Me: "The dog that gets along with YOUR dog and your family and best fits into your lifestyle."
Sometimes, I get it fairly right.
Snaps For Me! (Snap, snap!)

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