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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Metro's Story

I've been helping call folks who adopted Pit Mixes from the HSGA, encouraging them to share photos and stories of their doggies for National Pit Bull Awareness Day (Oct. 22nd. I had a lovely conversation with the "mom" of a fan favorite, Miss Metro. I told her mom I'd write up her story to share at the event but I'd like to share it here as well.

“The Miracle Dog”

“Last night, I dreamed we got a three legged dog.” Ron C. told his wife. Kind of strange since their son had seen a story about Metro just the day before. Metro had lost her leg (and almost her life) when she was hit by a bus. In the past, all of the family dogs had just “shown up” at their doorstep.

“Mom, that dream of Dad’s…’s like she coming to our door!”

Her future family met quite a few dogs at the Humane Society of Greater Akron but according to Emily, there was something “special” in Metro’s eyes. Home she went and fit right in; never having a single accident from day one!

“You should see her run around the house and up and down the stairs, “ Emily laughs, “You’d never know she was missing a leg! And why would we change her name? She’s a miracle dog! She has her own bed; she pulls the covers down and lays her head on the pillow! My husband calls her Sweetie. We just love her!

One day this summer, Ron wasn’t feeling well. “I feel like my lung is collapsing!” At the hospital, they received the bad news: Ron had lung cancer. His kidneys began to fail, and the doctors feared the worst. He wanted to see his “Sweetie” one more time. A dear family friend arranged a hospital visit for Metro. Laying her head next to Ron so he could pet her, his kidneys began to slowly rally. Emily credits Metro with helping her husband heal.

But Ron’s fight isn’t over yet. Chemo has taken its toll, but Metro’s weekly hospital visits have helped give him strength and joy. She will lay on his bed for hours and hours, next to him, warm and loving. “She’s a true therapy dog!” Emily states. “I think she helps the staff too. The nurses just love her; she gets a free pass! When she is there, they’ll come into to see her and pet her. She loves everyone and everyone loves her! She’s a superstar!”

When the family visits Ron, he always wants to know “what cute thing Metro did today!” And when they come back to the house where so many of Ron’s projects are waiting for his return home, she is there to greet them with her happily wagging tail. “It’s so healing to come hone to her, “ Emily says.

As told to M. Hess by Emily C., Metro’s Mom
October 15, 2011

Sadly, Ron Czerski died on Oct. 24, 2011.

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