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Monday, March 7, 2011

Remember That Head-Spinning Exorcist Thing?

Well, that's they way I'm feeling right about now. My brain is fried, trying to learn to be smarter than my Smart Phone! Syncing calendars, calendars, emails, trying to make it all work. I have been at it all day long but I feel like I'm can see a bit of The Google Cloud.

I would much rather sit in front of my computer screen then type a whole crummy blog with my phone's keypad. Most likely I'd end up with something that should end up in! But I can access my Blog on my phone, another major accomplishment!

There is a part of me that is beginning to fathom what my husband and nephew-in-law are doing, why they are like dogs with a bone. They're going to work at that computer or problem, gnaw at it, until they get it. They want to know the Monster that is the Computer Age, the uncontrolled beast. They want to know the beast because in so many ways, the technology is growing so quickly, that laws, morality, standards, personal integrity just can't keep up with it.

I knew from reading stuff about my Smart Phone that a lot of this kind of thing is feasible, so why not used it. I know a lot of people are really scared of technology and I get that. I am getting less fearful and that really is thanks to people like Marty and Bryan. Even though I sometimes get glassy-eyed when they explain something, i might absorb some of it. And now it's been so much trial and error!

But when I could find stuff on my phone calendar, that was pretty cool! Don't be afriad to spend time with your iPhone or Smart Phone. Just have back-up, know your apps, that kind of thing!

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