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Friday, February 4, 2011

New Pictures & Thank You, Randy W!

I had to "audition" for a gig, long story. While I had my hair done up and makeup on, I had Marty take some pictures of me. I kinda needed an updated photo anyway.... I re-did the background in Photoshop but no, I haven't redone ME. Yet....After all, the door was SUCH an attractive background. Right.

It's weird how I have to stand up REALLY straight and pull my head up REALLY high so I don't get that chicken neck thing happening.

The older I get the more I "get" Face Lifts! LOL! Trust me, ladies (and many gentlemen) MAKEUP IS YOUR FRIEND!!

it's a P.I.T.A. to put it on, yes, I know. I am not enamored with doing the deed but i can see the results. When I am doing a play/show, I kind of like it as it's a relaxing ritual thing. Listen to some tunes and really take your time.

What was crazy was I did a French Twist with a rolled front curl in 5 minutes. Lest you think this is a yawner, it's not that easy. Not really.

Now, I didn't think I could do it. My hair usually looks like I went backwards through a bush. Granted, my hair is longer now,(past my shoulders) which is helpful. But I never was nor will I ever be my late and throughly lamented Gay friend, Randy Wines, who really, seriously, swear-to-God could turn a Sow's Ear into a Silk Purse. If Randy had a hair brush, hair spray, a few hair pins and the absolute bare minimum of makeup, he could make Mick Jagger into Miss America. The pig would be a shoe-in!

I must have channeled my inner Randy because that hair went up like a Prom Queens's Dress at the After-party.

And all this to sing two songs. Sheesh.

Thank you, Randy. All that teasing, spraying, pinning, yanking, plucking, and talking to me in Dream-time must have embedded itself in to some hidden cranial hard-drive in my relatively Hair Challenged brain.

But I still miss you, honey. And thank you for coming to me in two dreams in 2005 and telling me TWICE to quit smoking. (That's another story...) I know you're saving the First Dance for me, then it's Marty's turn....

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