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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Evil I-mpire

I'll go on public record here...I hate iTunes!

You hear about a song a T.V. show. You think, "That sounds good, I think I'd like that song..." I'd pay money for that. Support a fellow artist's career, etc. etc. i get it.

"It's available through iTunes." OK, a lot of things are "i" this or that. You listen to a snippet, which in itself is kind of a rip-off but OK, I get it. You download the iTunes software which is such a royal pain in the arse that it makes Rhapsody look like Data-intuitive software. You listen to said song and you think, "I'd like to have that song in my collection."

You BUY a song. OK, you BUY it. You PAY money for it. Right? Right.

And then, ha-ha, guess what, you poor schmuck, it's not yours. It never was.

It still belongs to the Evil "i" Empire. I can not put the song onto my "non-i" MP3 players because it's only in an AAC format. If you BURN the sucker onto CD, guess what? It still is not in a format that will convert to MP3. It's only good for use with the "i" stuff. iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. etc.

Well, I have news for you, Skippy-MAC, Apple-Turn-over Turd-Heads --- I don't have "i" stuff. Yes, I may get a MAC computer someday (for graphics and whatnot) but this single-handedly keeps me from even thinking about an iPad. And granted, it's a pretty cool, slick device. I've recommended many folks getting iPads, knowing what they're probably going to use it for. It IS a cool device, I won't deny it.

However, I'll wait for Mr. Android Tablet doo-dah-day thing to come out.

Hello, iTunes??? I BOUGHT THE D___N SONG! I paid $$ for it. I repeat: Money. Dinero. Bucks. Moolah. Schechkels. Greenbacks.

Now you're telling me I cannot have it in a format to play on my MP3 players or in the CD player in my car?

Can you say RIP-OFF?

I'll wait for the songs I want to BUY to be available on Amazon or Rhapsody or Pandora.

Boo-hiss, iTunes! Steve Jobs, and all the rest of you over there: "Cheap Poopheads!!" I say! (Not that they give a rat's read-end....)

And you all wonder why Android is out-selling the iPhone?

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