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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Day JFK Died

I was in 4th grade. Our principal, Mr. Will. came over the loudspeaker at Lincoln Elementary and said that President Kennedy had been shot. A girl in my class burst into tears; I think her name was Melodie. I remember it was a windy day and the bare branches were dancing outside the windows. That struck me as strange in our very quiet school room.  

We were sent home and for three days all that was on TV was the whole thing, including Oswald being shot. We wanted to be respectful because that's what we were taught but 3 days with a TV that only had 3 channels and crummy weather is boring for a kid. I do remember watching the parade and Black Jack the horse, with the boots turned backwards in the stirrups. That really sticks in my head even today. I thought that was classy.

It was my generation's Pearl Harbor.

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