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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Hart and True

Throwback Thursday: my first cattledog,
2004.  Hiking with Hart, age 11.
Hart-Marie (Allegra Thief of Hearts, CD, CGC, TDI, 1993-2009. Parents: Ch. Indian Creek True of Allegra, CGC, TDI x Ch. Longacres Blue Gem).

Even after, my ex and I split and Hart was done getting her CD, she was her dad's beloved buddy for almost 14 years.  I babysat her and saw her often.

True aka "Tooey"
The other pictures is of True, Hart's dad, who lived with us for about 18 months and then went back to his breeder's at their request. He had PRA, went blind and was PTS, as I understand it.

Loved both these dogs.

I still think about "Tooey" and miss him. He really started the whole cattledog thing for me because I just thought he was such a magnificent dog.  Silly, steadfast, sensible, mellow, great herder, great hiker, loved water, wonderfully patient with little kids, excellent judge of people and potentially dangerous situations, he was the only working Therapy dog I've had to date. His basic temperament, with a little more "dog friendly" thrown in is my benchmark temperament.  

Hart had successful double cataract surgery at age 11.
Even at the end of her life, when her body was very old and frail and her back end didn't work anymore, Hart was always happy to be with you and lay on your lap.  She's even try a few tricks for you if she could. Her spirit and love were still going strong; her body just gave out.  I think my ex (bless his heart) kept her alive a bit too long but finally even he couldn't stave off the inevitable.

She was the best hiking dog I've ever owned; with my new rescue boy now coming in a close second. She spent most of her life hiking in the CV National Park, logging hundreds of miles a year. Even after age 10, she still could easily do a 10 mile hike, at age 15 could do an easy mile.

She always traveled like a dream and logged literally thousand of miles traveling with her dad all throughout Canada where she was a welcome guest at many a pub.

She completed her CD with a 196 score and was highest scoring Herding breed in all Obedience trials the day she finished.

I've loved all my dogs for different reasons and oddly I see a little bit of all of them in Artie the rescue. He's got some pretty big paws to fill.

Here's to happy memories of all your dogs who have left pawprints on your heart.  Especially those who corralled into the Cattledog Circle.

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