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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

MORE Shootings? Here's A Brilliant Idea!

Hey you idiot, murdering, shooting scum-buckets who really feel the need to shoot/bomb your mother, your co-workers, a school full of kids, a building full of people because you're a (insert your handy "excuse" here)!

Hey, you!  I'm talking to YOU!

You, the idiot who ends your little joy-ride, killing spree by offing yourself?

Please SAVE SOME INNOCENT BULLETS -- just cut to the quick, no foreplay ---  get to the end.

Your mom, family and friends will be upset, depressed, pissed off etc because you're dead.  I feel bad for the family of these men who go on these shooting, killing sprees.

And please don't get all "You Femi-Nazi Man Hater" on me.  Yes, folks, it IS mostly MEN.

First of all, you are giving all real MEN who face major (or minor) illness, injury, employment loss, death, war, dismemberment, catastrophe, loss a really bad name.

For every one of you losers there are hundreds of thousands, millions of men, world-wide, of all faiths, ages, nationalities, socio-economics who pony up every day and just keep on keeping on. For every jerk who pulls this stupidity, there are hundreds and hundreds of thousands of men (and women) reaching out a helping hand. Worldwide.

So please, do us all a favor.

You decided to not man (or woman) up and face your problems, demons, whatever the latest catch-phrase or "excuse du jour" is.  Oh, wah-wah.  We all have problems.

So, OK, you decide to NOT take out a few or a bunch of people and you off yourself. Now your mother/family/friends have to grieve and wonder what the hell did they do wrong.  For the rest of their lives.  You got your revenge.  Nice job. A**hole.

Happy now?

I sure hope not.

Thanks, you jerk-off.  You weren't dying of terminal cancer.  And even if you were, you sure as heck didn't need to take out one, two or a hundred folks with you.

You're not "wounded."  You're not "disturbed."  You're not a martyr. YOU, buster, are a jerk.

You know what?  I hope when you pass from this life into the next, it's not a Next Life, it's limbo.  It's the worst kind of hell YOU could possibly imagine.  I hope for all eternity every life you took haunts your sorry a**.  I hope all the stuff you tried to get away from follows you for all eternity.  I hope Karma bitch-slaps you eternally.

Oh, and all your folks out there killing for any religious reasons or in a Paradise ridden hype-up?  I hope you never get to rest. I hope the 100 virgins you were supposed to get are 100 menopausal women who will harp on you. Forever. I need not bring up animal abusers....

I hope no animal you've ever owned meets you anywhere in the land of sunshine and rainbows. They'll be too busy helping your victims cross over.

I hope the Universe kicks your ass.

I hope your family grieves, misses you, prays for you but eventually GETS on with their LIVES!  My prayers are for THEM.

If you just saved some damn bullets and shot yourself FIRST you would save countless lives.

Thank you.
The Rest Of Us

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