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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It's A Small World After All....

Especially in the theater.  Especially in northeast Ohio theater......

As of this date (Jan. 29, 2013) I'm in tech week for a show called THE ROBIN HOOD CAPER at Brecksville Little Theater.  I have a small but fun "Dubonnet" role (you gotta love those) and I don't come on until the 3rd act.  My fellow actors are a great bunch, no weirdos, no egos.  I've worked with Steve and Linda who play two of the four leads.  We've done murder mysteries and at least one play together.

My hen-pecked husband is played by a nice guy named Joe.  He's friendly, funny and easy to work with!  He's also a bit shorter than me once I put on my high heels and ugly, floral hat!  It's a great sight gag.

As actors are wont to do (those of us who don't bear the brunt of being on stage all the time, as the four leads must do) we sit around and do a lot of  bullsh*ting.  We do talk "theater" but we also talk about other stuff; animals, work, photography, travel, history, family. We have a lot of time together off stage.  It's a lovely group of folks, all very professional yet silly!

Last night, I was starting to share a story about my first professional theater gig.  I was 16 years old and it was 19... Well....let's say it was decades ago. 
I began my story with: "I was doing a musical at Showboat Theatre in Cleveland...."

"SHOWBOAT????  IN CLEVELAND???" interrupts Joey excitedly, "WHAT PLAY???"

"Carnival..." I reply.

"OH MY GOD, I DID THAT PLAY!!! I think I did it at Showboat!!!!" hollers Joey!

"Really??  Holy crap, no way!! You know, I think I might still have the program...."

"Do you still have the program? Oh my God, I'd love to see it!" he asks hopefully.  I said I'd look for it.  He is wildly excited about this. I'm feeling a bit embarrassed that I didn't remember or recognize him.  Of course he didn't remember or recognize me either, so there you are!

After rehearsal, I half-heartedly searched through my pictures and stuff, thinking I do remember having seen the damn program fairly recently but I'll bet (in a megan-induced "I-have-to-get-rid-of-sh*t" frenzy) I pitched it.

There, tucked loosely into a old scrapbook, is the program.

I almost weep with joy!

For some odd reason, I've not saved many programs.  I heard somewhere along the line that it was egotistical, wasteful and downright stupid to save old programs.  Perhaps it survived many purges because it was my first professional "I got paid" show.

With shaking hands I open the four-decades old program and scan the cast.

I see my picture and bio and turn the page........

It just goes to show you: Old Actors Never Die.  You'll probably work with them again at some point.

So, dear Joey Vartorella, who plays my hen-pecked husband, it is true pleasure to work with you again.

Even if it took (almost) 43 years!

Joey and me, Feb. 9, 2013
42 years and 5 months later.....
(©Photo by Mark Brown

Article and other photos ©Mia Knerly-Hess

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