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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nitro's Law, Yet Again

Nitro's Law did not pass yet again and people are really upset about it.
Look, I hate animals abuse as much as the next person.  Probably more than most.
The IDEAL of Nitro's law is a GREAT one but....
Until Nitro's Law is re-written to exclude "farm animals" ---the dreaded "Livestock" word -----or re-worded, it won't pass....hate to say it.  That's the skinny I've heard from reps. It's too broadly drawn.
The Reps, Senators etc. do not give two poops about getting bombarded by sad, horrible dog abuse pictures.  Their aides take the emails, not the reps.
The Pity Vote won't cut it.
Emails, as I discovered, don't count most of the time. Letters that show balanced, well-thought out, logical, almost legal opinions do count.  You need to get some people in Argi-business in the "Nitro's Law Corner" or very little will happen with a worthy idea.  Ohio is a large argi-business state, don't kid yourself.
Or you need articulate, well-spoken people in suits testifying at Senate or House hearings.
Many people think Nitro's Law is badly written, hate to say it.  That word "Livestock."
A similar law, spear-headed (BTW) by PETA and DDAL was passed in California and it pretty much killed CA animal-agriculture and sent CA spinning into recession.  Other states are loath to pass a Nitro's-type Law after seeing what happened in CA.
I think working hard to make animal abuse a felony might happen sooner than Nitro's Law, hate to say it.

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