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Sunday, December 9, 2012

All Those Christmas Songs (I Don't Want To Sing!)

I love my piano player.  BUT he drives me nuts sometimes.... 
I'm glad and grateful he's getting better (he was very, very ill) but I wish he wouldn't throw 3 new songs at me 2 days before a gig.....HE doesn't need to know the words!  
Luckily I knew two of them fairly well.  I was pretty familiar with them.  CHRISTMAS ISLAND is a cute song!  And I've always wanted to do "the Chipmunk song", CHRISTMAS DON'T BE LATE....which is actually a really adorable song even without sounding like Alvin!!  And he always wants to do THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR, which if I don't have the words in my hand, I invariably screw up.
The fifth?  There is a reason why there is only one KNOWN recording of ROUND AND ROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE. It's not THAT great of a song.  
I am never sure why he thinks folks are REALLY going to want to hear that's so obscure unless you are a huge Bing Crosby fan.
It's not as stupid as PUMPKY PUMPKIN though! That and ACHY BREAKY HEART really stand out as Professional Singing Low Points in my 3 decade career! Well, FEELINGS was pretty sh*tty too.  
I just wish he'd let me do Christmas Songs I really love.  I get one chorus of WHITE XMAS in a medley.  Instead of weird 50s obscure crap, why can't I do ALL THOSE CHRISTMAS CLICHES, super song!  
Oh, well....he's the boss. I'm incredibly grateful for the work and for his health!!!!

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