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Saturday, February 11, 2012

That Guy Who Shot The Laptop

There is a YouTube video that has gone positively viral, almost 4 millions views as of 2.11.12. So many people have such strong opinions, most "like" it and have given it a Thumbs Up. Me too. But there are others who think it's extreme, wrong, childish, etc. Do watch the video and judge for yourself. However, to all the folks who think he was wrong to shoot the laptop.....IMO.....

Does nobody get this??....

Teenage girls can be real sh*ts!

Think about this: She ragged on her parents on a public forum!!! She was repeatedly disrespectful on a public forum. She is posting crap about her parents ON A PUBLIC FORUM. She is posting crap on a public forum that most likely her parents are paying for (DSL, Wifi, etc). They sure as hell are paying the electric bill!

First of all, she's stupid. And it's come back to bite her in butt. Even without her dad shooting her laptop and the thing going viral, posting what she did ON A PUBLIC FORUM has screwed with her going to college and getting a job. Colleges and employers find this stuff. She was an idiot! Whatever happened to diaries??

Should he have shot her laptop? Probably not. It was a little extreme but he's pissed and frustrated and I can't blame him at all. I will grant you that he probably did contribute to the creation of the brat she's become because he probably indulged her. However, that whole laptop thing..... It's NOT HERS, she did not pay for it and even if it was a gift.... she sure as hell did not pay for the upgrades he did ---- which adding in his time was about $400+ and 6 hours out of his life for an ungrateful brat who, understand, the next day, posted that stuff.

I would have taken it from her along with every other privilege. Frankly, I would have not gone for the gun, I would have either donated it to some worthy cause or person but most likely, I would have run it over with a truck!

You know what her parents "owe" her --- love, food, shelter, clothing. "Dr. Pill" (not one of my Spousal Unit's favorite people) is right about that. Love is not a laptop and it sure as hell is not letting you sit on your princess ass, doing nothing and diss your parents ON A PUBLIC FORUM.

I know tons of people who never got an allowance and were expected to do stuff around the house and property. What the hell is wrong with having to do chores and contribute to the running of a house? Why are people so honked off about kids doing chores nowadays?? Shoot, you'd think they were working in a cotton gin! Come on! She lives there, her parents are NOT her servants!

I am so bloody sick and tired of all these entitled kids thinking the world owes them this and that. Since when do you need a cell phone, laptop, tv in your room. Since when???? If parents of teenagers and even younger kids don't make them do stuff like cleaning, laundry, cooking, taking care of animals etc THEY ARE NOT HELPING THEM! They are ENABLING & CRIPPLING them and not preparing them for the REAL world where you have to cook, clean, take care of your house, animals etc.

Come on, people ---doesn't anyone get this?? If someone doesn't stand up against this brattiness and teenage b.s. YOU will pay the price because they won't know crap and you, yes YOU personally will end up in some way supporting them down the road.

It'll be your kid living in your basement for years not contributing and busting your bank. You'll get stuck with their bills, animals, kids, whatever and it's out of your pocket, it'll be YOUR tax dollars, or because they're lazy and shiftless at work, you get overloaded and stressed at your job. People are all lah-dee-dahing with kids these days and no one sees the long term repercussions of The Permissive Parent or Being Your Kid's Friend Instead Of Their Parent.

Somebody has to step up and be a parent and set limits, rules and boundaries. Somebody has to be the Bad Guy. Put on your big boy/girl pants and be a damn parent.

This guy had it. She'd been warned. Reason, grounding etc. most likely did not work. I can't blame him at all.

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