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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our Christmas Newsletter

This year we actually put a holiday newsletter together! Must have been the formal portrait taken by Tori Tedesco that helped me along!

Happy Holidays 2010!

What a year it’s been!
We welcomed a new grandson, Mason, just a few days ago (December 10th), who joins big brother Aidan; he‘ll be 3 in January 2011, a new great nephew Bryan Jr. (aka “Chopper") in May (a day after Mia's birthday) and new cat, Rufus The Wonder Cat, adopted from the Humane Society of Greater Akron in July.

Marty is now officially The Bionic Man, with his two new knees and “rack and pinion” steering in his back. January brought the rods and screws to fix a busted vertebrae in his back. February brought his 50th birthday and the end of his time at Wayne Homes. He rode in the Harmonie Hundred charity biking event in May, and raised more money for his second 150 mile ride for MS:“Pedal to the Point” in August. Two weeks later, he had his first knee replacement; then 7 weeks later he had his other knee done. His recovery has been amazing! In 2011, he plans to participate in both cycling events and more!

Mia has been volunteering at the Humane Society of Greater Akron and is learning a lot about dogs and cats and has become quite the advocate for Breed Fairness and Awareness. “Don’t Buy The Bull” etc. Through her activities, she met a wonderful pianist (Leo Spishak) and has been gigging with him, mostly at very swanky Senior Residences, where they challenge her knowledge of 40s and 50s Pop music. Her most unusual? A 60th anniversary party of a nun! She has completed 2 Half-Marathons this year (walking), Cleveland (her 5th time) and Akron. She’s tried to keep up with Marty on his bike.

This year was the first time, due to Marty’s being laid up, that Megan and Mia had to put up most of the pickles by themselves! Challenging! After all, they are called Pickle-MAN Pickles!

2010 brought some health concerns for our oldest dog, Jesse Ann but as of today, she’s doing pretty well. Winger (who will be 12 in March) is still going strong! Elke (aka Schmooby-Doo) is learning to pick up objects: books, papers, gloves, keys, spoons…. She is very bright and if we actually worked with her… the sky might be the limit!

Marty really wanted a black cat and since Mia had been working with cats at the HSGA, she had a few in mind. Marty picked out Rueben whom he re-named Rufus on the ride home. He is now “King of the Bat-Cave” in the basement and “the boys” hang out all the time. .Mia calls the cat “Rufus The Magnificent, Lord of the Universe.“ At the moment, Kitties Dink and Envy are still guests in one of our bedrooms as well.

And….We finally got a new fence in the backyard, long overdue; we’re thrilled to have it.

Next year will see us both riding bikes, walking (yes Marty can do that again) working on the house (does it ever stop?) and trying to stay healthy and happy. Mia would like to “up her game” and join Marty on at least one of his long rides. She’d also like to complete a full marathon next year or maybe do a mini-biathlon. Time and training will tell.

Marty would like to go back to work part-time. After 10 years in front of a computer screen he wants a change. He also plans to find some causes he can volunteer for. Painting and fixing up the Javelin are on the list, as is working in the extended garden he put in this past summer and of course PICKLES!

Here’s wishing that 2011 brings all of you happiness, health, prosperity and nothing but great things. We are blessed to know all of you and have you in our lives.

Have A Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year!

Marty and Mia Hess
And yes, we’re on Facebook! The world has come to an end, J

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