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Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Vaccinating Controversy

Ah, the vaccination controversy.

My mother was a Christian Scientist, a strange one, but yes, she was. Yes, the religion that "doesn't believe in doctors," (although that's a gross generalization). And yet, we still got vaccines.

If kids are having reactions to modern vaccines, I think it's because the parents don't eat right and they're kids eat crap. People aren't getting enough outdoor time, sunshine, exercise. I never heard of any kid getting a reaction when we were growing up, except maybe for smallpox. But you got that if you were going overseas. I had to get smallpox, malaria, typhoid, hepatitis when I went to Japan. Not fun but I did it.

I know some dogs have vaccine reactions but that's usually to the Lepto or because they got that whole DHLPP together. I realize kids aren't puppies, but still. Some Paediatricians give just a bit at a time and watch for reactions.

A friend of mine didn't get the usual kiddie vaccinations, she didn't believe in it., I get that, it's a choice. Her kids got whooping cough and 6 weeks of her life was spent taking care of sick kids. In the summer. When they can't and shouldn't go out and be with other kids. She "depended on OTHER parents vaccinating THEIR kids." Kind of irresponsible (and I really like her too). I think they've closed schools because of W. C. outbreaks. I know they did when I was a kid.

Polio is real and there have been outbreaks in third world countries. Not here but that's what they said about AIDS. I had a friend when I was a kid that had it. She wore braces from the time she was tiny. I have vivid memories of her dragging herself around on a blanket in the summer grass, legs encased in these huge, heavy braces, basically dead-weight. And she always smelled like baby powder. Not fun. I remember getting my first polio vaccine in first or second grade; it was on a sugar cube. I wish for little kids' sakes they could do that now.

It's really hard to watch your little one get a shot. It hurts! Poor baby! Poor Mommy!

I had chicken pox, measles and mumps when I was a kid. So TOTALLY NOT fun! They didn't have vaccinations for those when I was a baby/little kid!

I am, however, not a fan of flu shots. I won't get one. Even when I get ancient! Even then, my body will be able to fight it off and I'm convinced that's because I get fresh air and exercise. But the other stuff? Heck, yeah. I'd rather have a malaria vaccine instead of having malaria! (Not that I'm planning on going any place where I'll need it in the near future...)

I just don't get not doing it. For your kid and for other kids too. It's bad enough when your kid goes to school and everybody is sick. And, as I said, so many kids are not outdoors enough. That helps with your health and immune system. Not just shots. And eating decent food! So many kids eat crap and watch way too much TV and are on electronic devices all the time.

But that's another rant!

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