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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Really Good "Vay-Cay"

Just for one week....

The ideal vacation (or "vay-cay") would be one in which I would have:

1) Some silent person who would do all laundry, dishes or cleaning. Like a mute butler. The tab would picked up by some unknown benefactor.

2A) The animal fairies would clean up dog poop accidents, litter boxes, cat ralph or dog puke. They would worry about the old dogs and train the young ones.
B) All dogs would have one week of total silence.
C) I would walk in the woods, a dog at my side, no leash.
D) The cats would lie in the sunshine, never jumping on forbidden places or using anything other than a scratching post.
E) Every critter would get along in peace and harmony.

3) Everyone I know or see would smile, laugh and have a positive outlook, no matter how gloomy things might seem. Silliness and joy would reign! Laughter would be loud and long. There would be singing. The music would music I like! Everyone would have solutions that are easy and relatively effortless.

4) A fully staffed kitchen would provide me with delicious meals, some I've never tried before. The Chef would teach me how to do things I'd like to learn in the kitchen.

5) I could walk with a swift, effortless stride for miles and miles. and ride my bike fearlessly! I would have the best personal trainer to get me started on a healthier fitness path. (But not like Jillian on "Biggest Loser." She scares me!)

6) Headaches, body aches, crabbiness, ill-temper, feelings or guilt, nervousness and fear ---- gone! Mine and everyone i come in contact with.

7) I would wave my magic wand and all the forty-jawed people would instantly shut up! Peace, it's wonderful.

8) There would be music in every room and I could change the song with a flick of my wrist. If I wanted to watch a movie, it would be like a theater! Only with comfy chairs and my sweetie by my side.

9) Everything in my surroundings WORKS perfectly!

10) Nobody (including me) would yell, snap, whine at me. Including me to me and me to others.

11) "Where would you like to go, Mistress? The car is at your disposal." I wouldn't have to ask anyone for a ride. Or feel guilty about it.

12) Our house would be our house, just me and Marty.

I wouldn't even have to leave home.

Just #1, 2, 3, and 6 would be fabulous!

Yes, jetting off to some paradise with long walks on sandy beaches or a cozy house by a crystalline lake would be very cool. My design goal is to have the attic have that feel to it, a place of peace and beauty,

Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful for where I live, that I have a roof, food, music, communication, TV, movies, a safe neighborhood, wheels, a park nearby, super nieghbors. That I can see, breath, hear, walk, talk, think (although sometimes my mind doesn't always remember stuff, which is scary). I have friends who've baled me out when I've needed it. A family and husband who love me. In his case, for some unknown, wildly improbable reason. What else do I really need?

But oh, just to NOT be running (and worrying) from pillar to post for a while would be awesome! Not thinking, "Oh, crap, I really need to vacuum, do dishes, laundry."

And to get the forty-jawed people to just SHUT UP!

I'm laughing now.


  1. I love this... can I come too?

  2. Yeah....but you have to leave everyone behind for a day, LOL!!!