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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sinatra at 100

Watching "Sinatra 100: The Grammy Concert." some of the performers seems to get the "simpler is more" concept, and bravo to them for letting those great melodies and lyrics speak. Like Harry Connick Jr. Duh, of course HE gets it! Seth McFarlane got the memo too, IMO!

Many of the country folks get it too. The Chairman said you need to know the music and then sing it. Easy for HIM to to say, right??! He kept it simple and let his voice communicate the music. And what great songs, composers, arrangers and musicians he had!

Some of the performers tonight on the other hand.....meh.....didn't quite get that simplicity memo. Trills are unnecessary, folks! 

And on a costume note: whoever designs Celine Dion's gowns should be shot at sunrise or (to be fair) they need to seriously override her really bad taste. "No Celine, decide. Sleeveless or long sleeved, honey. You can't have one on one arm and the other on the other arm unless it's Grecian style because well, it looks like s---t." And support, support, please support her bosom with something! Ideally, bosoms are supposed to be relatively together. In the middle....

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