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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Artie Goes For A Walk In The Woods

Artie Bloo says: Our Uncle Terry took me and mom out for a car ride and a walk in The Ledges.

I got to eat French Fries!

Most of the time, I just dragged my leash.  There were two dogs and I got pretty excited and weird about that.  Mom left the fries in the car.  She should have brought them.

We had fun, even though I had to stick around while they took pictures.

Sometimes Mom leaned on my back so she could get down from steep places.  "Help, Mom," she'd say!

Uncle Terry was surprised that I stuck around so good.  Except for chasing that chipmunk.  But I came back when Mom called.

There was no swimming at this place.  Bummer!

Mom said I was a good boy!  But I REALLY need to get out more!! Thank you Uncle Terry for letting me go with you.

And I didn't puke in the car either!

Elke says: They left me at home.

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