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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Michael Vick Thing

I got a lovely private comment (and I mean that) about my Facebook post regarding Michael Vick stating another point of view.  

Here is my take on the controversy. Yes, I'm upset that he stands to make millions in endorsements. Here's my opinion about the whole thing.  I think I wouldn't have as big of a problem with him if he were going to give his money (or most of it) away.  To help kids, animals, something beyond himself.  I wouldn't have as much of a problem then.  He did serve his time (not enough) and according the Justice System, we should give him as much of a break as the next guy out of jail.  Frankly, I think he's getting WAY more of a break than any other convicted felon I've known coming out of the slammer (and I've known a few).  They can't get a job and he's making millions.  What's up with that?

Here's the deal-breaker for me: He doesn't come off as one bit repentant. He talked to kids because it was good press and I think part of his plea bargain, sentence, his community service, whatever.  He's not doing it now (that I know of) nor is he part of a nationwide campaign against dog fighting, animal cruelty, etc. 

If he wanted to make a difference, truly make a difference, he'd show it.  He doesn't give a rat's a**, and that's the part that pisses people off.    He's in a position to really, really help -- to really, really educate, especially the kids, the young adults that are headed down that path. If he was dong PSAs, I think a lot of people might give him a pass.  If he came into a shelter or rescue and scutted out kennels once a month, that would be nice too.  That would be Nobility, Humility.  There is nothing Noble or Humble about this man.

I have noticed that most of the people who are incensed about Vick are women.  I am not a Femi-Nazi but gentlemen, where art thou?  Most men I've talked to about this say he served his time, etc. 

If I were his manager, I'd tell him to divorce himself from his family members, who mostly ran the whole operation.  Goes to show: he knew what was going on, he was part of it. He financed it, he's dumb as a box of rocks. You can take the boy outta the environment, but apparently in his case, not the environment outta the boy....and I'd tell him, "You'd better take a good chunk of that change and use it to help."

It sends a bad messge: OK kids, you can be convicted of a felony, serve time in jail, and make a zillion dollars.  Shucks, it's the American Dream! It's Bernie Friggin Madoff!  It's the Ohio Governor! (Don't get me started on that bozo.  I sure as he** didn't vote for him!)

Is he as bad as those Wall Street a**holes who ripped off millions of people?  In a way, no.  (Don't stone me.) It's badness, greed, stupidity, carelessness in a parallel universe. Peoples' lives, animals' lives. By the way, the Wall Street Jerks should have to serve hard time on a chain gang and not at Club Fed either.  

But here is Vick who has a chance to make good and to make a difference! Especially in the lives of animals.  He's not and that what's pisses me off.  

Michael, pay attention the the Nike motto: JUST DO IT! In the end, you may just grow a heart.

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