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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Life Experience #26,762

Well, I certainly can add this to my list. Not my Bucket List, however! I've done a lot of wacky things in my lifetime thus far but this was a new experience.

Short tale. Car trouble. Pulled over on an Exit Ramp, waiting for AAA. I have to pee. I have to pee NOW. No trees or bushes except behind a fence. All open space and cars everywhere. This actually did happen to me before in Arkansas on a hot summer day but we were driving the Blazer and I could make the potty thing happen where I couldn't be seen.

I'm practically in tears I have to pee so badly. My options were few and none of them are appealing. I never should have drank that Mountain Dew!

Mr. Helpful, seeing that after all my intense preparation work and careful positioning, I couldn't "get started," began to make me laugh. I didn't know whether to kill him or kiss him. I truly hate when you really have to pee, find a convenient tree, get yourself all situated and nothing comes out. Nothing.

It took a while but finally, things got started. I can honestly say that I have now peed into a Mr. Hero Medium 12 oz. Drink Cup in the back seat of a car and didn't make a mess. Two glasses full.

Later, as we were still waiting for the tow truck to come (it took about 2 + hours for him to get there), just as a conversational piece I asked my dear Spousal Unit:

"So what do you think are the most important things in a relationship?"

Without missing a beat, he comes back with, "Well, right now I'd say a 12 oz. Mr. Hero Drink Cup."

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