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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Adventures In Baby Sitting

Fist of all, my great nephew is pretty darn cute.

Second of all, my sister is a truly capable person and a great (new) grandmother. (I'm not supposed to say "Grandma" by the way.)

Dani and Bryan (aka Daddy Chop) had asked Margit and I to babysit Baby B for a few hours while they went to a movie. No sweat, right? My sister is an experienced Mom and I'm a quasi-experienced Auntie and (step) Grandma, right. (See, I don't mind being "Grandma...") Piece of cake, right?

The Parents leave. Baby B starts to fuss a bit. I'm checking that diaper like it's my job. We're holding and rock-walking this kid. Bottle, maybe? Uh, then again, maybe not. These new darn diapers would hold back the sea, how in the heck do you know if he's wet? I changed him twice, just to make sure. Neither of us has panicked. Yet. (I was starting to, I admit.)

"Oh, please don't be one of THOSE kids. The ones you can't leave."

Fuss, fuss, fuss. Crud. Ok, maybe he wants to be naked. He likes being naked. I throw one of those baby blankets (the little cotton ones) on my leg and he is digging being naked.

"Hey, Margit? (Pause)*t, yeah, he just peed all over me! Guess those two other diapers were dry."

She's trying not to laugh but it WAS pretty funny. He peed all over my shorts and his shirt. Thank heavens he didn't hit the couch! Margit gives me her shorts as I'm changing him (so she could wash my stuff) and we're both trying to comfort this fussy kid in our undies, which is even funnier to me! At this point, I'm finding the movie info on my cell phone, thinking, "This stupid movie better NOT be as long as TITANIC! How long has it been....?"

At one point, he did fall asleep on me. But it was a only a cat nap!

We're getting ready to resort to The Car Routine. You know, driving the kid around until (finally) they pass out and gingerly, cautiously, like it's a Faberge egg, quietly take the sleeping kid and car seat OUT of the car, praying they do NOT wake up.

Before we had to resort to TCR, The Parents arrive. Collective sigh of relief. All my experience had gone right down the toilet. But it's all good. And we hope to do it again. Soon!

Here is a picture. He seems to be saying, "Don't kiss me, Auntie Mima. It won't work!"

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