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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Guess I'm NOT Always As Glued As I'd Like

On Tuesday, the 23rd of June, Jesse Ann started to get really sick. Horrible diarrhea. poor baby. I thought we were really going to lose her. I couldn't stop crying. Fine dog mom I am. We got her to the ER vet and our vet, and thanks to antibiotics and a bland diet, she's back to beating up Winger.
I geuss I'm jsut not as glued as I need to be when my animals get really ,really sick. And I'm not ready to have her leave us. Not by a long shot. She's not done training Elke yet!
Marty was steady and positive but I think he was probably ready to kill my sniveling butt in the back seat of our car on the way to the ER Vet.

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