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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tra-La! 'Tis Spring! And Biking Is The Thing

It's spring. Finally! The sun is shining and we've been outside. Riding bikes. Which can be scary. Marty is so much better at this Biking thing than I am!

Yesterday, I rode the second-longest distance I've ever gone: 19.5 miles. I did a cancer ride years ago in the Rocky River Metroparks and that was 25 miles.I'd never even come CLOSE to riding that long and being young(er) and stupid(er), I figured, "Well, I've gone this far, what the heck!" I was dying the last 6 miles.

This time, yes, I was pooped but I could have walked a few miles afterwards, albeit s-l-o-w-l-y! So I must be getting my strength up and improved.

What has been interesting about this Biking With Marty thing is he is in the lead most of the time so I really have to TRUST him AND his eyesight AND his abilities. Surprisingly, that's not easy for me.

He is a natural athlete and a natural driver. As his mother says,"If it had wheels, he could drive it!" He took to tricycles, bicycles, motor bicycles, cars, trucks etc. like a duck to water. Apparently he is also good with motor boats. He has great reflexes and of course, his eyesight is very good. For not being able to turn his head, he sure sees a lot!

Logically, I DO understand that he is not going to lead me astray if he can possibly help it. But he wants me to ride close. Within 2-4 feet. If he slams on his brakes (and he has) I'm scared that I'm gong to run up into his ass-end wheel and cause a crash. I really don't want to wipe out for both our sakes but especially HIS! So I am understandably reluctant. I get so tense I have to tell myself to relax!

It is an interesting exercise in trusting your partner! It's also an interesting test in trusting your Higher Power. Kind of like: God Is My Co-Pilot!

I also entered the Cleveland Half-Marathon yesterday. Marty is convinced that this biking will help with my walking distance and stamina. I hope he is right! every time we go out and ask,

"Tell me AGAIN why this is good?" Sharing some activity together is a good thing, for sure. But my body is singing a different tune.

There is a concept of NO Excsues. That there really IS no earthly (or unearthly) reason why I can't do this and be more than "just OK" doing it.

Could there be a Mini-Biathlon in my future? Hmmmmm......

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