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Monday, January 11, 2010

A new year begins and "Timely" musings

Christmas at our house was good and very enjoyable. I was and am spoiled.

Now our new year has begun with Marty having back surgery. On January 8th, they inserted rods and screws. What I'd call "Rack and Pinion Steering." He looked like ten kinds of awful that afternoon when I did get to see him in Recovery, but by the next day, even with tubes, shunts and a (eeu!) catheter, he looked tons better.

It's Monday the 11th now and he is sitting up, and walking around, looking a big raggedy but really quite good. The doctors are amazed. He is one tough bugger that's for sure! I am amazed at his strength and it's probably due to sheer cussedness!

I am hoping that he continues along this path, with no set-backs at all. That would make me one happy camper. Hopefully, he'll be going home tomorrow, if not it'll be Wednesday.

I'd like to be home for his sake and for the dogs' sake. People have been really great about offering to help with them. If Winger and Jesse were younger, I probably would have bitten the bullet and kenneled them all. But they are getting older and with them both being on meds, it's tougher. And more expensive. I hate to be a cheap bee-yatch but kennels charge way more per dog for giving meds.

Alas, Miss M has proven yet again that her timing (or lack thereof) sucks. This other-worldliness when it comes to time and being on time, or even a facsimile of sort of being on time is getting irritating. She even laughs about it.

"I have NO concept of time." As though it were a quaint characteristic. A little quirkiness.

"Well, perhaps that is something you need to develop?"


I truly think she thinks it's not that big a deal; that it's not rude or inconvenient. I am not saying you have to be a Time Nazi and beat the Tardy Ones into the next hemisphere. " A little late" is a few minutes. "Chronically late" is a half and hour or so consistently. Ridiculously late is hours and hours. And hours.

I am far from perfect but I know that people's time is precious. So when I can get someone to take me someplace, I try not to waste their time. She dawdles.

I almost think it's some kind of weird rebellion or a very passive-aggressive way of control or power play. It IS a joke among family and friends but it really shouldn't be. I am afraid that it has cost her in the past and may seriously cost her in the future. Somebody should really nail her butt to the wall. If I were her boss and she were that late, I'd fire her.

Maybe it's a youth thing ("I have all the time in the world") and I'm suffering from the "Time is precious" state of mind thing. So it may be a viewpoint differential. But I don't think that's it, really. I'd call it a Character Defect but one that is so easily fixed.

Anyway, I digress into crap I can't do much of anything about. The main concern is Marty. I guess I just feel it should be hers as well. If it were her mother in the hospital she'd be turning her butt inside out to be at the hospital AND take care of the animals. Sleep would be irrelevant.

I was somewhat shattered (but not terribly surprised) to discover at a relatively young age that the world does not revolve around me. I have to take care of myself and nurture myself and love myself, yes. That the cosmos and I are as one Being. Yes. get that. But time as it relates to others does not mean the world revolves around me. I also have learned that my actions (or inaction) can affect other people too. That is not to say that you should live your life solely for others, no. But it is a sense of consideration and thoughtfulness.

Right now, my energies are focused on caring for myself, Marty and the doggies. My brother and both nieces are next in my sphere. And I do need to not get my knickers in a twist over a rude, self-serving, immature, selfish brat who needs a swift kick in the arse. So many more things are crucial. I only have so much energy and like all energy, it needs to be expended wisely.

Sheesh, I should like SUCH a bitch.

I am so grateful for how well Marty is doing. It is amazing. He absolutely blows my mind. Even when I want to smack him around! I am also so grateful for friends who really stepped up to help or even offered to help. Mollie, Mary, Robin, Bini and Rob --- wow!

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