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Monday, November 9, 2009

I Love Hallowe'en, Part 2

You have to read the first part.

Go on. I'll wait!

The day before Hallowe'en arrives. Marty toddled off to work to wow 'em as The Wolfman.

I had bought him used pants and a shirt from my favorite resale shop(pe). To "age" them:
I ran them over with Megan's car five or six times,
threw them in a mud puddle,
stomped on them while in the mud puddle,
hit them against a fence,
let the dogs play tug with them,
rolled them in the fire pit,
stuffed them in the fireplace,
beat them against a tree,
stubbed out cigarettes on them,
artfully ripped them
and burned them with a candle.

He was a huge hit!

By the way, Tide got almost all of it out. Amazing.

That evening, we engaged in the Great Princess Hair Debate. I have bunch of wigs but none were the Disney Cinderella's color. I know. We looked at the DVD and my rather vast wig collection. I have one blonde-ish curly monster that I bought as a joke for a show but the thought of restyling it left me reeling like on a bad apres-hot-dog ride on The "Barf-and-Spin" at the county fair. I didn't want to go out and buy another wig. Shoot. Marty then comes back upstairs as I am laying out every wig I own and presents me with the Lesley Ann Warren "Cinderella" DVD. There she is, in all her long-necked, best-crown-ever-on-TV, up-do'ed glory. And she is a BRUNETTE!! Hallelujah! Angelic choirs sangs and the heavens opened. I can do brunette! Yippee!

The one absolutely idiotic thing I did was NOT get Megan to take a pictures of us, or me with a good camera. I don't care how much you pay for a cell phone, the cameras are not the greatest. But here we are! And yes, I felt like Cinderella. I told people was Cinderella: Twenty-Five Years After. On the back of my hairdo, I installed a rhinestone pin that said, "QUEEN."

Yep, that's me. Queen Cinderella!

The fun part was handing out candy. Little girls would RUN across the street, up our sidewalk, across the lawn, screaming, "Cinderella, Cinderella! Princess, Princess!" That's got to make you feel great! See, they got the whole Cinderella-brunette thing too!

Marty had Megan and I in total hysterics. Most kids were somewhat reluctant to come up on the porch with that hairy, scary thing. (He would take off the mask for really little kids.) He started sitting on the steps, still as a statute, clasping the candy bowl in his claws. The rude kids, the obnoxious ones who just reach into the bowl to grab candy got a real surprise! That "statute" growled and clawed at them!! "Wolfie" really enjoyed our candy!

We only had one kid who sang the whole Treat Or Trick song. He was rewarded with two huge handfuls of candy.

"Trick or treat/Smell my feet/Give me something/Good to eat!" Someone had trained that child well. Bravo!

I do miss Trick or Treating when I was a kid. It started at dusk, you went out for hours and HOURS and needed a pillow case and a little red wagon to haul your goodies. My brother and sister would dive into my candy and snatch their favorites immediately after I came home, much to my gulping, sobbing chagrin! I could only be a ghost, hobo or a clown because those costumes were warm. It's like that old joke: "You know you're from Ohio/Minnesota/Buffalo because you have to pick out a costume that fits over a snowsuit." And they didn't have Snow Princess costumes when I was a kid. Too bad; I would have been all over that one like white on rice.

One year I was a leopard. That was a great year. I have a picture of me in that costume somewhere.

I think Hallowe'en has been toned down for kids, almost to the point of Stupid. What IS exciting is that people are decorating their homes nowadays. And there are seriously awesome decorations in our neighborhood! People are spending almost as much money decorating for Hallowe'en as for Christmas!

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